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Family & Friends
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Marianne & Richard

Mathieu, Elisabeth, and Vincent

Maggie, Gloria and Richie

Paul & Bonnie in their new kitchen.

Art & Ann at the Country Club

Bennett and Lisa at the Country Club

Terry & Beau

With Ed & Pam at Christmastime

Ernie & Joan at the Yule Log

Ian and Dorcas at their lake house.

Jim and Joanne

Bud at the shooting range

Pat and Lilly

Jack at the shooting range

Happy Birthday David

Karen & Matt, Gloria, Scott

Becky & Gloria

Gaitan and David in Maine

Donald, Karen, & John at Disneyworld

David at Buckingham Fountain, Chicago

Mike & Jeanne, Josh, Emma

Matt, Karen, Mom, Dad, Gloria

Mildred, Scott & Gloria at Cantigny Park

Gaitan, Ree, Mindy, Chrissy; Easter 2004

Gaitan, Ree, Scott & Gloria at Naperville

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